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"In case no one has said it lately, you are doing a good job."

What should participants expect from me?

Hi, I am Tieko, an educator, corporate trainer, and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner. You are probably here because you have heard that we may be training and learning together. Aside from the content of my bio, I want to tell you why I am in this business of learning and development for corporations and organizations, but first, in case no one has said it lately, you are doing a great job. Considering all that 2020 served us, your company cannot do this without YOU!


Now, my reasons for choosing this line of work...

About 5 years ago, my area of focus was brand design and execution. The executives and leads for these projects cared most about the end product and the consumer. However, success usually depended on another factor– the people responsible for doing the work. After years of having to redirect the efforts towards the people that make “IT” happen, I restructure my services to assist companies in prioritizing YOU, their people.

I believe the formula for success is people OVER products, processes, and profits.

As a participant in my training/coaching you can be certain of the following:


My work is founded on theories of Emotional Intelligence because I believe emotional wellness and safety should be the norm in the workplace.



Trainings are engaging, even in video format, because your time is more valuable than a series of slides and redundant speech.


1:1 and small group coaching is designed to feel conversational because what you have to say matters as much as (if not more than) what I have to say.


I care most about your trust so I position myself as your partner during the learning journey, prioritizing a judgment-free space to share, grow and learn openly.

Here are some of the topics I am prepared to explore with you:


Developing and Navigating Trust in the Workplace.


A curriculum designed to examine personal issues of trust as the starting point for (re)building and (re)structuring trust in the workplace.



Centering the Need to be Safe and Seen 


A curriculum designed to create a confident existence and emotional safety that counter negative experiences such as micro-aggressions, biases, and stigmas in the workplace.

Well at Work:
Promoting Personal Wellness in the Workplace


A curriculum designed to prioritize emotional wellness while navigating the daily demands of performance and productivity.

In addition to the trainings, our time will include Emotional Intelligence Intensive Training, Individual Emotional Intelligence Assessments, 1:1 Coaching.


Consider joining me on Instagram where I enjoy loosening up a little and sharing my thoughts. I look forward to partnering!

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