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"I have questions about people, social influences, and social truths–a prober of intrapersonal and interpersonal behavior, I live in constant search for answers. I am a student of humanity..."



Hi, I am Tieko, an Educator, Corporate Trainer and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner partnering with organizations to (re)set the company culture. In the last decade of working closely with brands, I realize the hurdles we need to jump are rarely mounted because of technical skills. And that is because organizations usually put power, hours, and dollars into recruiting talent for their teams. The problem most teams face and magnified in 2020– is encouraging the behaviors of people and their desire to work beyond talent in the most crucial areas of success like employee engagement, productive communication, addressing implicit biases, unboxing creativity, and adapting to change. Success-promoting behaviors, including emotional and social skills, have been scored as soft, but I'm convinced it's the "soft skills" that make the best people and best outcomes. Leaders are at the mercy of what they prioritize as worthy investments. Together we intentionally and unapologetically invest in people.



Tieko Nejon Wilson is an educator and corporate trainer having obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, a minor in Business, and a Master’s in Education. She has also completed certification as an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.


Focused on the advancement of human behavior and the dynamics within social constructs, Tieko partners with corporate teams, executive leaders, and management to create excellence by (re)setting the company culture, prioritizing a people-centric culture. 


Tieko has had the opportunity to travel and leave an impact on both coasts, training with big box companies, consulting with more than 200 start-ups and entrepreneurs, participating as a guest professor at universities and speaking to audiences as large as 1200 attendees.

Tieko subscribes to the scientific-backed research of Emotional Intelligence; a set of

skills by which people, teams and leaders

are able to thrive both personally and professionally, incorporating EI as a master tool for promoting emotional and social intelligence, social growth, and social change. 

Tieko started her first company at the age of 22, Child Link, a tutorial-based service for inner-city youth. As well, she was a grade school teacher for a total of 10 years having taught 3rd grade, 5th grade, and Algebra prior to fully committing to entrepreneurship  in 2006.

An infinite love for self-help and personal growth, Tieko created CLASS w/Tieko (to launch Winter 2020), a consumer-facing independent learning community for members to access Tieko's curriculum. 

Tieko, a native and resident of Southern California, considers her role as a wife and a mother of two children her most excellent achievements.