"Sure compliance is a necessity for good work, but alliance is key to the cohesion of teams." 

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Learning & Development


Team and Leadership L&D includes training designed to address the behaviors that stall success like internal conflict, unpredictable staff retention, fractured communication, multi-generational angst, personal biases and sub-par productivity.


Objectives for training include:

  • facilitating commitment to team engagement

  • encouraging self-reflection and self-regulation

  • understanding the employees perspective of work

  • promoting efforts of employee retention

  • identifying both obvious and masked internal conflict

  • encouraging mindfulness of interpersonal biases

  • exploring collaborative approaches to multi-generational work styles

  • establishing practices to (re)build trust

  • examining effective efforts for support

  • incorporating competencies of EI



Executive Consulting 

Leaders have had to reimagine leadership, pivot leadership styles, and develop progressive strategies because of the current state of organizations and the mandates on restructuring post COVID. For some, the shift has brought about a need for a fresh perspective on how to rally teams.


1:1 and small group advisement and guidance is designed to promote leadership that extends past compliance and builds alliance.

Project Consulting 

Now more than anytime have we been given an opportunity to lead with greater intention for human good. Consumers are watching with great expectation for Brands across every industry to emerge as leaders for humankind. 

Project consulting is intended to center the human touch as Brands conceptualize and implement campaigns, activations, and initiatives.


I care to spark engaging conversation through human-specific topics that promote Emotional Intelligence.


Leaning into my most comfortable zone of speaking, I have opted to only participate in conversational/interview style formats.


Considering a transparent pricing structure, please note the following:

  • audio podcast (no video) are the only speaking formats not billable

  • interviews are indeed my comfort zone, even for keynotes, and is the only format for speaking offered at this time 

  • All formats that are not done in interview form will be considered and billed as a workshop or training