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"Sure compliance is a necessity for good work, but an alliance is key to the cohesion of teams." 

Learning & Development

Together we can develop a short-term or long-term learning cohort that serves the needs of your company's mission.

Objectives for all L&D  include:

  • facilitating commitment to team engagement

  • encouraging self-reflection and self-regulation

  • establishing practices to (re)build trust

  • understanding the employee's perspective of work

  • promoting efforts of employee retention

  • identifying both obvious and masked internal conflict

  • encouraging mindfulness of interpersonal biases

  • examining effective efforts for support

  • incorporating competencies of EI

Team L&D includes education that addresses the behaviors that stall success like internal conflict, unpredictable staff retention, fractured communication, cultural angst, personal biases, and sub-par productivity.


 All learning formats are designed for measurable progress of the collective team, fostering intentional personal and collective growth. Current learning formats include:

  • intensives

  • workshops

  • dialogue forums

  • EQ assessments and debriefs


Leaders have had to reimagine leadership, pivot leadership styles, and develop progressive strategies because of the current state of organizations and the post-2020 mandates on restructuring. For some, the required shift has brought about a need for a fresh perspective on how to rally teams.

Current learning formats include:

  • intensives

  • workshops

  • 1:1 coaching (includes EQ assessment and debiref)

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