Actionable Education for a People-Centric Workplace




96% of employees believe empathy is an important way to advance employee retention but 91% says empathy is undervalued.

-The State of Workplace Empathy Study



92% of employers feel their organization is empathetic but less than half of their employees agree.

-The State of Workplace Empathy Study

When surveying leaders about the most important traits of a good employee or team member, the responses included what has in the past been labeled as soft skills: honest, fair, good listener, empathetic, non-bias, team-player and so on, all adjectives that did not describe technical skills but attributes that significantly increased the results of technical skills. These soft skills are a part of the framework for Emotional Intelligence.Neuroscience, behavioral and social research shows that individuals of higher Emotional Intelligence exhibit greater confidence, mental agility, work ethics, and leadership skills than that of their counterparts. The reality is people-centric workplaces produce better people–better results follow.

Don't just drive results but drive the people that drive the results

Who on your team is producing at their greatest level of success? If the answer isn’t everyone, you have people-problems and we have intentional work to do.

Learning objectives include:

- facilitating commitment to team engagement

- encouraging self-reflection and self-regulation 

- promoting efforts of employee retention
- identifying both obvious and masked internal conflict
- encouraging mindfulness of interpersonal biases
- exploring collaborative approaches to multi-generational work styles
- establishing practices to mend fractured communication

- incorporating competencies of EI

Workplace learning, designed with better people in mind.

Our formats are designed for long-term, measurable results:


Team Solutions

The team is imperative to the process. Trainings are geared towards the measuruable progress of the collective team, fostering engaged cultures and intentional productivity.


Learning formats include workshops, intensives, and forums for open dialogue. 

Learning Workshops

Training Intensives 

Facilitated Forums

Peer Mentorship


Leadership Solutions

Together, we pull back to get a broader view of what is working and what may require adjustments, prioritizing the maximum opportunities at building consistently successful teams.


Consulting formats include 1:1 sessions, group consulting, and assessments. 

1:1 or Group Consulting

Executive Learning Workshops

Focus Groups


EQ  Asessments

Individual EQ Assessments

New Hire EQ Assessments

Personal EQ assessments and comprehensive reports are available for all employees including leadership, providing the participant with an in-depth understanding of their own Emotional Intelligence strength.



Assessments can be added (suggested) to any of the consulting or training solutions available. SEE SAMPLE REPORTS HERE

We are hard-wired to attach emotional meaning to everything we do; our thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. Why not leverage them?



Let's discuss the best solution for you and your team.  

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